Case Study 05: Growing NFT communities with Reddit 🚀


Edit: The text was censored to exclude the company's name, as requested by them

Two months ago, I met the guys from XYZ - one of the most enthusiastic team I have seen!
These guys recently raised some seed money, and are working day and night on their vision, and that's tokenizing the most iconic moments of your favorite creators.
Such a brilliant team with a game changing idea!

Already knowing the benefits of Reddit marketing for their NFT project, one of their investors (who is Howitzer's client as well) recommended them to use Howitzer and utilize Reddit in their marketing strategy.

📈 Growing their Discord, Telegram and Reddit communities using Howitzer

XYZ's team uses Howitzer to reach out to relevant crypto and NFT members on Reddit, in order to grow their user base, by attracting and retaining some quality, engaged community members.

Their strategy is pretty simple - send as many as possible personalized direct messages to crypto/NFT enthusiasts from different subreddits, and migrate them to their own subreddit, Discord community or Telegram channel.

One of the strategies to grow your communities using Reddit & Howitzer

It's much easier to migrate relevant leads from Reddit to your own community, than to directly sell or forward them to your website.
The Community is the crucial thing for all of the crypto and NFT projects, and one of the main factors that determines the success of the project.
Community = Trust.

📊 The results

They grew their communities to thousands of users, and they continued experimenting with various unique techniques and approaches (eg: reaching out to the fans of the creators on their platform, that are interested in crypto/NFT).

XYZ's communities

We cannot say precisely how many people got converted by using Howitzer because they were doing some other growth experiments in parallel, but we can provide some statistics that can give some close estimations, as Howitzer was used as one of their main channels.

• Telegram channel
- 38,204 messages sent through Howitzer
- 5000+ members in the Telegram channel

• Discord channel
- 38,204 messages sent through Howitzer
- 7,500+ members in the Discord channel

• Subreddit
- 18,300+ messages sent through Howitzer
- 2,800+ members in the subreddit

Some of the replies:

They got invited to a podcast
Partnership proposition

💬 Final words & advice from XYZ

In the crowded NFT space, don't expect to grow a community from the ground up in no time. It will take conscious effort and you will need to work with the right partners who can supercharge your growth!
- Clement from XYZ