How our Reddit Marketing Tool won #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

We launched Howitzer on Product Hunt on March 30th, and won the #1 Product of the Day 🚀.
A few days later, we won the #2 Product of the Week, even though we had 80 more upvotes than the #1 Product of the Week during the whole week (it's a shame that Product Hunt's algorithm is not tweaked really well).

Besides the social proof, we got a huge exposure, a lot of traffic, signups, paying users, and met a lot of nice people.

🎁 BONUS: We are also the second thing that comes up when you search for "reddit" on Product Hunt - the first thing is Reddit, of course.

📊 Product Hunt Statistics

• 2923 page visitors
• 160 total new users
• 34 new paying customers
• $4,164 revenue increase
• 3:47 min - average session duration
• #1 Product of the Day
• #2 Product of the Week (with much more upvotes than the #1)

📝 Preparation

We were supposed to launch on Product Hunt back in October 2021.
We didn't feel ready back then, so we were constantly postponing the date, until we decided to fix it to March 30th - two weeks before our launch.

An interesting thing is that we didn't feel ready even on March 30th. The reality is that you'll never be 100% ready for launching on Product Hunt, you just have to prepare enough, and just do it.

I knew nothing about launching on Product Hunt 3 weeks ago, so I started learning about it and constantly talking with people who have launched products successfully. I connected with some amazing people, including Ken Savage, who's an expert in launching products on Product Hunt, Reddit, Quora, Twitter, Vedran Rasic who did a masterclass for Product Hunt, and our hunter - Falak Sher, who launched the Product Hunt Launch Checklist - extremely helpful guide.

Our CMO, Brian Swichkow gave us an amazing idea - let's host a 24/7 event in Reddit's Wolrd on, and invite all of the people who want to learn about Reddit and Reddit marketing from top-notch experts (him, Rohan Chaubey and Davis Lejnieks).
The idea was to edit the Reddit's world, and put some billboards informing that this event is sponsored by Howitzer, and Howitzer is live on Product Hunt. This way, all of the people that join that event, would be able to support us on Product Hunt.

After that, I built a checklist of all of the people I need to contact to inform them that we are launching on Product Hunt. The VCs that reached out to us, the local entrepreneurs, the biggest Macedonian IT network, the friends who have startups and are interested in new products, the growth hackers who have their own communities, our girlfriends, Ilija's wife, Viktor's sister, and so on.
In a nutshell - create a list of all of the people that would be interested and would love to support us, including our closest friends and family.

This goes without saying, but export all of the people who subscribed to your product and segment them into lists (you'll notify them multiple times on the day of the launch, yep).

Make sure you provide a special discount offer for the Product Hunt launch because it will be a nice hook to reach out to all of your subscribers and ask them to support you on Product Hunt.
We introduced a 40% discount code for the first month, which is a pretty tempting option, and psychologically - it says half of the price is off, so you can try it for the first month. Also, made it available only for the first 48 hours after the launch, to introduce "urgency".

Another important thing - we purchased Product Hunt's Ship, and made an upcoming product page a few months before. This way, we were able to collect 2500+ subscribers, which we later messaged on the day of the launch. The messaging was done through Product Hunt's SMTP and their email, which was extremely useful for us, as we got a huge deliverability rate. Keep this in mind as a useful growth hack 😉

We didn't have a hunter until the last moment. A week before our launch, we saw this PH Launch Checklist 2022, by Falak Sher, and we immediately purchased it. It was super awesome and helpful (I'm not an affiliate or connected to that product in any way), because it offered a step-by-step to-do list of what you should do to nail your launch. We immediately reached out to the creator and informed him that we love the checklist. Ilija (our Growth Specialist), had an idea to ask Falak (the creator of the checklist) to hunt us, because why not?
Having a hunter is not important as it was back in 2017, but it was great for us, because we networked with him and his community, plus he loved our product.

🎓 Useful Resources
Product Hunt Masterclass (by Vedran Rasic)
Product Hunt Launch Checklist 2022 (by Falak Sher)
* We are not affiliated with these resources

⏳️ A day before the launch

As I said before, we weren't really prepared until the day before the launch. I can say that around 70% of everything happened the day before our launch, and I wouldn't suggest you do the same (I was non-functional 3 days after the Product Hunt launch because of being up 48+ hours).

A day before the launch, we deployed the new landing page, recorded and uploaded the video, wrote the LinkedIn and Indie Hackers posts, and started reaching out to all of the people in our checklists, informing them that we are launching tomorrow.

We fixed the designs, reached out to our hunter Falak, and together - we published our product a few hours before the beginning of March 30th.

Our CMO, Brian, made sure that the Reddit's world in Topia is edited and "furnished" for our event, and we went to the store to stack our offices with Red Bulls, Rum & Coca-Cola, and snacks.

A few hours before the beginning of our launch, as expected - we had a problem with the landing page, so I woke up one of our developers to try to fix it. He fixed it (tnx Noxious!), and we headed to bed (3 hours before the beginning of the event), hoping that everything will be okay when we launch.

⚔️ The day of the launch

The product went live at 12:02am (09:02am our time), and we were awake and ready in the office. We were ready, the Macedonian entrepreneurship and IT community was ready to support us, and we went into "battle".

We sent our first email to our subscribers, informing them that Howitzer is live on Product Hunt, and we have a special offer of 40% off, that can be redeemed only in the next 48 hours.

In the beginning, it was mostly a tight battle with the other two top-rated products, but quickly, Howitzer established itself as #1 and had much more upvotes than the competition.

I started reaching out to my contacts, and they started supporting us and sharing our product on their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Our friends and connections who are influential run newsletters and shared us in their growth hacking and startup communities, which generated a lot of traffic.

After the initial community boost, the rest was organic, as we were the #1 Product of the Day since the beginning.

During the launch day, we answered questions, we were constantly online for customer support, and we hung out in Topia for the whole day, constantly networking with people who came to learn more about the product or Reddit marketing in general.

The Howitzer team handing out in Topia

During the day, Brian, Rohan, and Davis hosted their own events, where they were talking about Reddit marketing, shared their experiences, and shared some really useful tips and tricks.

Rohan and Davis, sharing their experiences with Reddit marketing

The Topia event was our hook.
We were posting everywhere that we are live on Product Hunt, but we were advertising this event as well, and Rohan, Davis and Brian informed their followers about this event. When their followers came in Topia, they networked with the Reddit marketing experts, but they also networked with the Howitzer team, and they saw the banners that Howitzer is live on Product Hunt, so most of them went there to support us.

We ended up as #1 Product of the Day, and later #2 Product of the Week (although we had much more upvotes and support than the #1), and we are happier than ever. The Product Hunt launch was our first big marketing move, a statement to the world that Howitzer exists, making the Reddit marketing available to anyone, and a statement to the world that our product is not in BETA anymore.

Thanks to the Product Hunt launch, we got huge exposure and got in touch with some amazing people and amazing communities.

Howitzer's team in their office at the end of the launch

🚀 General Tips to nail your launch

• Have hooks.
1. Our main hook to engage our own community was to inform them that we are running a special deal on Product Hunt, and each of them can get there and redeem a discount code of 40% off
2. Our main hook to invite more people to learn about Howitzer (and Reddit marketing in general) was the Topia event, where we hosted a 24 hours event with the best Reddit marketing experts. Each person that joined Topia's Reddit world, was able to see the billboards and banners mentioning that Howitzer is on Product Hunt. A lot of the visitors went to Product Hunt, checked the product, and supported us

• Focus on the graphics and the video.
The graphics should be really appealing and should tell the story for you. Try to be unique, and try to create something that doesn't look like the rest of the products. Regarding the video - record it yourself. At first, we were thinking about hiring a native US actor who can do the video for us, but considering the audience on Product Hunt (founders and makers who are interested to learn the maker/founder of the product) - I did it myself, and I think I wasn't wrong.

• Be active 24 hours on the day of the launch.
It's really important to talk with all of the users who reach out to you, reply to all of the customers and be as responsive as possible.

• Prepare, prepare and prepare.
Everything is about preparation. When you launch, there are 50-60 other products, other companies, who the same as you, compete to get that #1 badge and have high expectations about their launch. The most prepared products/companies have the biggest advantage.

• Have a strong product and a strong community.
When we launched, we had more than 2500+ people who have tried Howitzer and subscribed to our product. We also had connections with some bigger influential people whose communities were our customers, and they also spread the word for us. The communities are the early boost that's needed - make sure you have them on your side.

• Enjoy.
Make sure you enjoy the process as much as possible!