How to advertise your crypto/NFT projects on Reddit. The right way.


It's no secret that the Crypto/NFT projects are the new 'dot com' (hopefully x30 bigger), and this trend comes hand-in-hand with the communities (and the need for community building).

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👾 Why Reddit?

If you are in crypto/NFT, than you perfectly understand that the community is everything... and Reddit is the biggest aggregator of online communities.
The "crypto revolution" started on Reddit, the "wallstreet bets" started on Reddit, the Dogecoin started on Reddit, the "community trend" started on Reddit.
Having a few million crypto/NFT enthusiasts, nicely separated in huge number of communities - Reddit is definitely the sweet spot for advertising and growing your crypto project.

📢 Ways to advertise your crypto project on Reddit

There are multiple ways to advertise your crypto/NFT project on Reddit.
1. Reddit Ads
2. Posting + Commenting (including CryptoMoonShots)
3. [NEW] Personalized direct outreach on Reddit + Community building

The Reddit Ads are the official way to advertise something on Reddit.
Everything seems great, if we ignore the fact that most of the redditors have their AdBlockers turned on, and nearly all of them HATE ads.

Interacting with users by posting and commenting seems like a good idea, and sometimes works.
The drawbacks of this approach:
• Posting (if intended to advertise) results with a ban most of the time in most of the subreddits, and the subreddits that allow it are extremely swarmed up with this kind of posts (see: CryptoMoonShots), so your post will be lost somewhere down there.
Also, most of the subreddits have 'No self promotion' policy, so posting there will get you 100% banned.
• The commenting takes a huge amount of time, and the exposure is insignificant compared to the effort (most of the time only small number of people read it).

So, we come to the third way of advertising your crypto project on Reddit.
Imagine being able to reach out to all active members of the subreddits that you are interested in, and migrate them to your own Reddit/Discord/Telegram community, by directly communicating with them. - allows you to do it, in completely automated fashion.
With Howitzer, you can get all active members of a given subreddit, and do personalized direct outreach through Reddit DMs and chat.
This results with 40-45% average response rate, and a decent conversion rate. enables you to advertise and grow your crypto projects on Reddit

📈 How to advertise your crypto projects using Howitzer

There are 3 ways to advertise something using Howitzer:
1. Direct selling (i.e. link in the first message)
2. Convert through conversations
3. Migrate them to your own community

Direct selling, the first approach, is reaching out to the customer directly, by sending the link to your website/community in your first message.
This practice is usually used when you are interested in mass outreach in a short time, and you are directly targeting someone who clearly expressed that he's in a need of something or clearly expressed that he's interested into something.
Failing to do this right, may result in spamming users and getting reported by them.

- An OnlyFans creator posted something where she's directly asking for NFTs for creators.
It will be totally acceptable if you directly send the link in the first message.

The second approach, "convert through conversation", is the natural way of cold outreach, and the key for successful Reddit outreach campaigns.
It's usually used when you have potential lead (someone who might be potentially interested in your crypto project), and you are trying to convert him or just start interacting with him.
This approach requires some time (i.e. replying and talking with your leads), but definitely results in much greater success than the direct selling.

- You are targeting creators on Reddit. Your initial message should be something where you are asking them if they'd be interested into providing their special content as NFTs, or asking them if they'd thought on earning from 'selling' their own digital content, etc.

The third approach, "migrate them to your own community", results in huge number of conversions with pretty low effort.
By creating your own community around your crypto/NFT project, and targeting all the active members from the similar-content subreddits - you can grow your community as fast as light.
We've had cases with entrepreneurs growing their crypto subreddits by 300 users per day, which is something totally unseen till now.
Also, this approach resulted in 21% CONVERSION rate in one of the similar cases.

This subreddit was growing 300 members per day, using Howitzer

🏆 Why Howitzer? allows you to successfully utilize Reddit as a marketing channel, by introducing the option for finding and targeting quality leads, and doing personalized direct outreach, at scale.

This type of outreach hasn't been used on Reddit till now, the redditors aren't used to getting direct messages that advertise something, so that's why there are more than happy to answer them, and that's why we can see these high numbers for response rate and conversion rate.

Howitzer is the best and easiest way to reach out to over 500M+ monthly active users and 150K+ different niche communities on Reddit, and dominate your niche as early as possible.

The Crypto/NFT enthusiasts and communities are on Reddit.
Reddit is the biggest aggregator of communities.
We are the best way to reach them.

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